May 25th, 2020

As known by many of our customers and partners, for decades our company has produced masks (BP2020V3 and BP2020V3TN) as critical components of cleanroom clothing. Like our other products and services, our masks have long been made to an incredibly high standard, far superior to most products on the market today. This is especially true now, as a recent opportunistic rush by many to produce masks purely for business gains have swamped the market.

Being a reference for excellence in any sector brings its admirers and detractors. Mycroclean Italia has not been exempt from the latter, becoming a target in recent weeks of numerous cyber attacks, attempting both to disparage our work and block requests for information from our website.

Consequently, on Saturday May 23rd 2020, after yet another attempt to violate our network, Mycroclean proceeded to notify the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office by filing an official complaint with the Milan Postal Police. The report includes a number of infractions, including elements taken from our corporate social channels to verify whether they are (for us clearly not) shareable and are by design intended to disparage our company. The report also documents attempts by fraudsters to contact public institutions while posing as our consultants.

This complaint is intended as a demonstration of the will to protect the rights of Mycroclean Italia and all of its faithful customers. It is the first act of judicial measures, undertaken in the appropriate way and in the appropriate places, to put an end to a situation that has become intolerable. These petty actions by others will not make us lose the focus on our operations, which remains making products that are increasingly safe for our clients.