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Disposable and reusable garments, made to measure according to the specific needs of the customer. For all types of clean rooms, sterile rooms and controlled atmosphere areas.

To satisfy a wide area of ​​applications, the Mycroclean Italia® range is available in different versions and consists of:

• Lab coats and protective suits

• Made of different materials, of various lengths, with snap buttons and velcro closure.

• Aprons and hoods

• Protective clothing for A Class clean rooms.

• Protective Masks

Protective masks with 0.3 micron filter, in fabric with excellent barrier properties against particles and breathable. Wide range of models.

• Shoe covers and boot covers

Available in various materials, in low, medium or high version.

The garments designed by Mycroclean Italia® are made not to be particle generators, with Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ≥ 99.8%, offer an excellent combination of comfort and precision and guarantee total protection from external environmental agents, both for the operator and the work environment.

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