Our Values

For over 40 years, Mycroclean has specialized in particle decontamination and maintenance services for clean room apparel. We are 100% focused on meeting our client's needs through strict adherence to agreed objectives. In addition, the company produces and sells everything related to the clean rooms and controlled contamination environments (clothing, gloves, overshoes, etc.) in compliance with ISO 14644 regulations.

Azienda e servizi

Our Experience

Mycroclean works with highly qualified operators and personnel who specialize in the use of advanced machinery and related technologies. Each employee is trained to comply with the standards set by the ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 parameters, which certify the company's work since 1998. We have over forty years of experience in this sector, nationally and internationally, thanks to the reliability of our products and the quality of the services we provide.

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Tailored Solutions

Our company follows a guiding principle: flexibility in meeting our customer’s needs. In a highly competitive market, we offer customer-tailored solutions which, even after the proposal, can be modified and readapted. Our main commitment is maintaining a professional and open relationship with our customers, through maximum availability in solving problems related to products or services. Not just as a supplier, but as a partner.

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Respect for the Environment

The decontamination plant used by Mycroclean was created following an exclusive patented technology, designed to reduce emission of possible toxic waste into the environment. We take the ecological factor very seriously; in fact, we use machines with reduced consumption of water and low polluting waste.

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