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Mycroclean Italia® products respond to business needs by offering excellent levels of safety, hygiene and comfort for all types of clean rooms, sterile rooms and controlled atmosphere areas. The range of products includes tailor-made and reusable clothing, lab coats, protective suits and filtering masks with Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ≥ 99.8%, which are essential for safe production processes and full worker’s protection.

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Mycroclean Italia® solutions meet the most modern bio-protection requirements for those environments where a strictly controlled level of contamination is required. Washing, sanitising and decontamination management is carried out using state-of-the-art industrial processes, that are digitised and tracked in all stages. The Group operates in diversified markets and specialised sectors: aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, microelectronics and food.

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Decontamination professionals

The importance of limiting particulate pollution in controlled atmosphere environments

Particle decontamination

It is necessary to check that certain physical parameters, such as emissions generated by people or their clothing, meet contamination standards to avoid carrying microorganisms into the environment and interfering with industrial processes.

Particle biodecontamination

Micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria reproduce at extreme speed and are highly dangerous for the safety and quality of production in sterile or controlled air environments.

Air duct cleaning in technical fabrics

Mycroclean Italia® performs customised cleaning, sanitising and hygienising of air distribution ducts in technical and filter fabrics. From process engineering to contamination analysis and sanitisation.

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Are you a company, a pharmacy or a VAT holder? You can buy Mycroclean Italia® protective masks in bulk, directly online.

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A leader in washing, decontamination and biodecontamination. Mycroclean Italia® meets the specific requirements of a variety of businesses by offering the production, sale and rental of clothing, as well as washing and decontamination of garments from Clean Rooms.