Particle biodecontamination

Biodecontaminazione particellare

Micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria reproduce at extreme speed and are highly dangerous for the safety and quality of production in sterile or controlled air environments.

Biodecontamination raises production standards

Viruses, bacteria and microorganisms are potentially harmful, in everyday life as well as in business production, since they reproduce at very high speed and their range of effect is unpredictable. The new technologies used in processing plants, the computerisation of production processes and the high quality standards during logistics operations are the elements that qualify the biodecontamination method devised by Mycroclean Italia® to effectively kill all micro-organisms.

Quality and attention at every stage of the process

More and more companies are highlighting the need for sterile or sanitised clothing to work in their production environments. Mycroclean Italia® provides products and services for sanitising clothing with non-toxic sterilising agents for controlled atmosphere environments, with quality control before delivery.

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