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The rental and sale of technical clothing targets businesses in the aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemical and microelectronic fields, as well as those operating in clean rooms or controlled atmosphere sectors.

Standard-compliant technical clothing

In special production areas, working conditions dictate that care must be taken with the clothing worn, not only for the company's image. This is reflected in the choice of garments that are made of very specific technical material and comply with the legal regulations for the sector of operation.

Attention to detail, not just for safety purposes

The Mycroclean Italia Workwear® range of products is available in different combinations of style, comfort and safety, all of which have in common the certainty that you will always wear uniforms that are effective, durable and maintain their initial characteristics over time. Each garment is made individually, with great attention to detail and keeping in consideration the industrial washing process.

What are the advantages of renting?

1. Convenience

For the customer, choosing a rental solution offered by Mycroclean Italia® means reducing fixed costs, saving in terms of time and resources and the outsourcing of the product quality control process management.

2. Product quality

Uniforms and workwear meet high standards of workmanship, maintenance and hygiene, thanks to the care and washing procedures that Mycroclean Italia® carries out and guarantees.

3. Versatility and comfort

The Mycroclean Italia Workwear® range of products adapts to the needs of every sector and is tailored made for the chemical, petrochemical, steel, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics sectors and many more. We offer companies support in the choice of garments and clarifications on their technical characteristics.

4. Stock availability

Mycroclean Italia® guarantees an adding/replacement service for rented garments, thanks to the large stock available in the warehouse and careful customer care.

5. Process computerisation

Mycroclean Italia® guarantees the traceability of each order, respecting delivery and collection times. The service uses a tracked and computerised procedure using RFID technology that associates identification codes with each garment.

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