Particle decontamination: what is it and what are the advantages?

News Decontaminazione Particellare

Uniforms and work clothes have always had a protective function both towards the wearer and towards the environment where the work is carried out.

Protective clothing and their function

These special garments often protect us from electric shock, fire, risk of lacerations and contamination by microorganisms; each garment performs its function efficiently and, as often happens, needs "dedicated maintenance".

Particle decontamination

In some business contexts it is necessary to operate in special environments free of particles, organic or otherwise, microorganisms and micro dust, which can affect the quality of the product being processed and, not least, the health of the operators involved. These sterile environments are called clean rooms and require special clothing to work inside them.

All protective clothing worn in clean rooms is subjected to contamination by substances / organisms present inside the room and cannot absolutely be treated as simple clothes. This is where the particle decontamination process performed by Mycroclean Italia® comes into play

Safety, with an eye to the environment

The contaminated clothes are subjected to washing and sterilization through the use of special state-of-the-art industrial washing machines and wastewater purification systems, which are then conveyed into a filtering system to clean them and be able to reuse them, the eco-friendly policy of company is very attentive to every aspect of the production and maintenance processes.

Once washed and decontaminated, the clothes are checked and repaired for any damage before being ready for return to the end user.