Industrial Washing of Professional Clothing and PPE

Lavaggio industriale indumenti professionali

Mycroclean Italia® offers an industrial washing and sanitisation service for work suits and uniforms, with biocontamination control on the treated fabrics, maintaining the quality, technical and sensory characteristics of the PPE unaltered.

Production technologies for zero-emission cleaning

Clothing reuse is tied to an ethical value that Mycroclean Italia® has transformed into a service. The technical solutions are offered in an environmentally friendly way with washable and reusable materials, selected and tested through instrumental analysis by Authorised Laboratories to guarantee high insulating capacity, even after many uses.

Work clothes, uniforms and PPE are taken in and returned without microbial contamination following treatment, thanks to the use of highly disinfecting detergents and the extreme care taken in each stage of the process. A high quality service that can meet the specific needs of any sector.

Research and development for certified performance

The company is the only one in Italy that can perform an industrial washing process and particle decontamination in a single cycle. All stages of the activity are carried out in compliance with the standards (washing and production) of clean rooms and comparable environments, according to applicable regulations: UNI ENI ISO 9001:2015.

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